Buy the Dozen was the inspiration of Kris Wallace, a mother and lawyer by training who was looking for a family-friendly business activity.  She came across a mini donut stand at Pike's Place Market in Seattle and realized Moscow needed something similar.  She started Buy the Dozen as donut cart with the Moscow Farmer's Market before moving into a boutique storefront on 6th Street so she could be open year round. She developed a devoted following, thanks to tasty minis, and experimented with regular sized cake and bar donuts, all with creative and flavorful toppings.

In 2014 Kris was invited to compete on Donut Showdown, a Canadian donut cooking competition, and wouldn't you know -- the girl from Moscow, Idaho won!  Shortly after the episode aired in 2015, Kris announced the sale of  Buy the Dozen to another local Wallace family (no relation that we know of), and her plans to start on the next exciting chapter in her life.  

Ray and Jennifer Wallace have been the happy owners of Buy the Dozen since March 2015.  They were among Buy the Dozen's dedicated customers before they purchased the shop.  They have enjoyed meeting the other regulars and welcoming new ones, enticing them in with new flavors and toppings for the donuts.  Their goal is to make sure no donut craving goes unanswered on the Palouse.

Come on down and meet the crew.  Have an idea for a donut or a topping?  Let us know - we love suggestions and we're game to try just about anything, so long as it's legal in the State of Idaho.